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The Green Leaf

Have you created or worked with an Public Member Tree lately? I have recently started one myself by uploading a Gedcom. I’ve done extensive research on a few lines, and I wanted to be able to share the information with others. The great thing about these trees is that you can link records […]

I Agree with Rosie O’Donnell!

I felt that Rosie O’Donnell did an amazing job on TV during her quest to learn more about her ancestry. I could tell from the beginning that she really wanted this; that she had questions about who she was. As she continued to ask many of the right questions during the show, she gradually uncovered […]

Hooray for Indexers!

The other day as I was perusing deed indexes for some family names, I began to think about all the hours that had been spent indexing those deeds. I thought about the tedious work someone had done going through those deeds page by page trying to carefully note the names of the parties involved along […]

Another Online Resource for English Genealogists

The collection of records at continues to grow. Lately has begun to fill in holes for researchers who have been studying their London ancestors. Anyone with experience of London research will know just how challenging, and most of all, how time consuming it can be. The transcription of Church of England burial and […]

Ancestry’s New(ish) Wildcard Search Capabilities

About six weeks ago announced new search functionality on their site. I was, of course, immediately intrigued and excited. Essentially, you can now use the wildcard (*) more liberally in your searches. (Follow the above link to read the blog post for more specific details in case this is new to you.) As I’ve […]

The Twenty-Something Genealogist

As a twenty-something genealogist, I am definitely reliant on using computers to do family history. I can’t fathom keeping track of my research on paper! I would actually have to brush up on “the old way” of finding a person in the census. I use Internet sites like to find census records. I check “Google Maps” almost […]