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Family Legends: Fact or Fiction?

Through genealogical research, fact gets sorted out from fiction in a family legend!

Need to Teach a Crash-Course in Genealogy?

Genealogy-enthusiasts will oftentimes be approached by budding researchers and asked to give lessons, crash-courses, or a few tips on tracing family trees. While there’s no official guideline for research, the following brief outline can be very helpful in introducing newbies to genealogy. It goes over a few of the basic record-categories (census, immigration, and vital […]

Finding Ancestors in the Hamburg, Germany Passenger Departure Records

Until about 1845 German emigrants generally chose Antwerp, Rotterdam, or Le Havre as ports of departure. By the middle of the nineteenth century, entrepreneurs in the north German ports of Bremen and Hamburg realized they could increase their income dramatically by filling ships with emigrants bound for America and other destinations. The Hamburg Passenger Lists […]

Sometimes It Takes Hours

Sometimes it takes hours to find a little bit of information. Recently I was looking for a possible death of a child that possibly immigrated in 1884 to New York City. The name of the child was Boruch but may have been changed to a more English sound Lawn Business Success Course ing name. The […]

Records of German Emigrants

Some forty-two million Americans identified themselves as descendants of German immigrants in the 2000 United States Census. Second place, with about thirty-two million descendants, went to Ireland. From the founding of Germantown in 1683 to today, millions of Germans have come to America. How did they travel here and what kind of paper trail did […]

Still More “Best” Free Websites for 2010

Yes, there’s more we’d like to add to Family Tree Magazine’s recently released annual list of “101 Best Websites” for 2010, Check these out: “Best Sites fo cialis best place to buy r African-American Roots” The growing interest in, and availability of records, for African-American research deserves more than the seven sites noted in the […]

Looking for a Ship?

Research always becomes more real to me when I’m able to get a better idea of the context surrounding a particular event in an ancestor’s life. As we all know, immigration is a key event that can help link an ancestor to the old country as cialis 20 mg well as provide other information vital […]

Which Box to Tick?

I had a discussion once about how many people claim “American” as their ancestry on the U.S. census. This person felt that this was a sign of how many people didn’t know where their ancestry originated. I took it as a sign of a lot of people feeling they are not English just because their […]

Italian Citizenship By Descent

Many people have contacted ProGenealogists about the possibility of becoming an Italian citizen through descent. We have assisted many clients in this endeavor. If you have Italian ancestry, then you may be interested to learn about this option. I will not take the time here to outline all of the requirements one must meet to […]

Trip Preparations

During college football season this year, I got to see the following commercial quite a lot. And I always thought after it was over that the father and son should have hired us before embarking on a European journey to discover their ancestral lands.