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Need to Teach a Crash-Course in Genealogy?

Genealogy-enthusiasts will oftentimes be approached by budding researchers and asked to give lessons, crash-courses, or a few tips on tracing family trees. While there’s no official guideline for research, the following brief outline can be very helpful in introducing newbies to genealogy. It goes over a few of the basic record-categories (census, immigration, and vital […]

Not As Oblivious As You Thought You Were

Most people know more about their family history than they think they do. I often run into clients who assure me that the minimal information they’ve provided is ALL they know. Usually after a brief review of their information, I come up with several cialis buy online questions that I think they can probably answer. […]

Catholic Genealogy Q & A: Godparents

Is a godparent the same thing as a baptismal sponsor? Who can be a godparent? Yes, generally the term godparent is equivalent to baptismal sponsor. Who, then, can serve as a baptismal sponsor at a Catholic baptism? Technically, canon law (church law) requires only one sponsor for baptism, but there can be two sponsors, one […]

Catholic Genealogy Q & A: Conditional Baptism

What is a “conditional baptism”? Consider the language of the following baptismal record from 1913 in Quebec Province, Canada: “We, the undersigned parish priest, have received the abjuration from heresy of _____, Protestant, adult: a Seduce Your Ex: Get Your Ex-boyfriend Back lso her profession of the Roman Catholic Faith. We have given conditional baptism […]