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To Crop, or Not to Crop; That is the Question

The answer: To crop, of course! Thank goodness for the cropping tools on picture editing software. IrfanView, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Picasa, all of these programs have the ability to crop documents and get rid of wasted space. The benefits of cropping are clear. You save ink, utilize the space on the page more effectively, […]

Festive Names Throughout History

With the holiday season in full-swing, I thought it would be fun to use various holiday words and phrases and see if I could find people in historical records that carried these words and phrases as actual names. Here are a few that I found: 1. Mary Christmas There are many instances of this name […]

Doubly Difficult Research

I was recently “over my head” in tracing the origins of some former slaves – that is, “over my head” in both the sense that slave research is difficult (emotionally and academically) and the research was even more complicated because of the specific goal the client had in mind. While I can’t help anyone with […]

Filling in the Ten-Year Gap

A lot can change in a family over the course of ten years. Couples marry, children are born, (although not always in that order), family members pass away, and a myriad of other things happen. In many cases, not much remains to tell us about the lives that our ancestors lived, and it is important […]