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One Hundred Years of Social Media

An interesting thing has happened in the last few years: the explosion of social networking and social media. We have been able to be constantly updated about the activities of our friends and relatives like never before…but it’s only a 21st Century manifestation of our tendency to spy on each other. In historical newspapers, many […]

My pa didn’t have no pa! A beginner’s delight.

My interest in my family tree started early for me. When I learned in American History class that there were two Civil War generals with my surname (Johnston), I decided to find out how I was related to them. My first stop on the trail was that evening at dinner. I asked my dad what he […]

Converting a Large PDF to a Smaller One

Last week I found a great bit of information on my great-great grandfather in a book digitized by Google. He was featured in a book about poets from South Dakota (and I came across this book with a simple Google search!). Wh cialis for sale en I looked at the book, I was pleased to […]

Family Legends: Fact or Fiction?

Through genealogical research, fact gets sorted out from fiction in a family legend!

Family Health History

After a brief fright in recent medical examinations I have learned the importance of knowing your health family history! Knowing about your family’s medical past truly can lead you to a healthier and more prepared future. It is an important factor in your family history that can literally change the way you live your daily […]

Besse Cooper is World’s Oldest Person

I just read on Dick Eastman’s site that Walton County, Georgia’s Besse Cooper is the World’s Oldest Person at 115 years old. I was curious about Besse. Who was she? What led to her longevity, her ancestry, her lifestyle, occupation? What could I find out about her online? What an amazing life she’s led so […]

What Were the Search Parameters?

I recently ordered a birth certificate for a client’s ancestor who was believed to be born in Tennessee. After the usual wait time I received a certified record of “no record found.” Before simply accepting that the record was a lost cause, I took a few steps to determine the search parameters that the Tennessee […]

Break Down Brick Walls with City Directories

One of the most useful, but lesser known resources at, is their vast collection of city directories.   City directories offer a small glimpse—a year-to-year census if you will—into your ancestor’s life.  I have used city directories to help me determine: Where an ancestor is located in a census record When an ancestor died When […]

Putting Flesh on the Bones

Sometimes people researching their family history seem to forget that there is more to their ancestors than a birth and death date. If we’re truly trying to get to know our forebears, those are among the most boring bits of information since they happen to everybody! We all descend from more fascinating people than we […]

Unfamiliar Records

When you go about researching a family line, what are the first records you look at? Probably census, birth, marriage, and death records – and rightly so, since they can so neatly fill in the blanks on your charts. However, if you look at what records are available for a particular place and time, there […]