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Online New York City Marriage Indexes: A Word of Caution

For all those of you out there doing New York City research, you have no doubt probably found the online vital record indexes on sites like ItalianGen ( or GermanGen ( most valuable. I use these sites on a regular basis because I generally find references to such records as marriage, death, birth and naturalization […]

Hungarian Reference Aid

For those of you out there with Hungarian ancestry (or ancestors from the former Kingdom of Hungary), you will want to be aware of a great resource book by Jordan Auslander called Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary. This gazetteer is based on the 1877 Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary. It includes incredibly […]

Italian Citizenship By Descent

Many people have contacted ProGenealogists about the possibility of becoming an Italian citizen through descent. We have assisted many clients in this endeavor. If you have Italian ancestry, then you may be interested to learn about this option. I will not take the time here to outline all of the requirements one must meet to […]

ProGenealogists Researchers for “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Many of you have probably already seen commercials and advertisements regarding NBC’s new series “Who Do You Think You Are?” which premiers this Friday, March 5th at 8/7c. This exciting new series takes celebrities on a journey into their family history, revealing stories “they never imagined” about their ancestors. We at ProGenealogists are pleased to announce our involvement as the research […]

Festive Names Throughout History

With the holiday season in full-swing, I thought it would be fun to use various holiday words and phrases and see if I could find people in historical records that carried these words and phrases as actual names. Here are a few that I found: 1. Mary Christmas There are many instances of this name […]

Need a Career Change? How About This…

I was researching a South African family the other day who did some traveling back and forth between South Africa and England. While examining a 1912 passenger arrival manifest at Southampton, UK, I noted a gentleman listed on the same manifest as the ancestral family whose occupation caught my attention. Check it out: In case […]

Got Cherokee Ancestry? Part 1

So you think you’re part Native American? As one of the Native American specialists here at ProGenealogists, I receive almost daily inquiries about our services from people who specifically want to trace a Native American ancestor. Perhaps your family tree is also decorated with similar stories. My own family had such a tradition. Supposedly my great-great […]

Fires, Strikes and Research

I have been working on a Puerto Rican research problem and came to a point where we needed records from the National Archives in San Juan. We did everything we could to work with the archives in getting them to search the records, but they were not accomodating and would not carry out research requests. […]

A Cool Online Tool for Land & Property Research

So here is a helpful tip I thought I would pass along. One of my colleagues recently brought this cool online tool to my attention. This site allows you to view township and range grids on Google Earth maps. Land records are often times used when tracing your ancestry, but sometimes the information is not […]

New Naturalization and Alien Registration Index Available at USCIS

A few years ago, I was researching an immigrant ancestor for one of our client’s who had come from Eastern Europe. Various records listed his birthplace as Poland, Russia and Lithuania. In order to continue tracing the family in Europe, we obviously needed a more specific place of birth. After striking out with a few […]

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