Using Discount Sites for Family History

Discount sites (like Groupon and LivingSocial) are all the rage lately. I’m signed up to receive email alerts for the coupons in my area, and in addition to all the discounts and coupons on products and services in my area, I’ve noticed a trend – there are a number of photo preservation companies competing for your business. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve recently inherited a few boxes of family history memorabilia which include, among other things, old family photos. I feel really glad that these are in my possession, but I also feel like my siblings and other relatives have gotten the short end of the stick because they aren’t as interested in family history as I am. I realized when I got an email notification about a discount at a local photo preservation site that it would be the perfect way for me to share these photos with my family.

Many of these preservation companies also digitize videos. Two years ago my husband and his siblings each received a DVD of some old family videos for Christmas. It was our favorite gift that year. We’ve only watched the video once, but it’s nice knowing the DVD is still available to watch the next time we want so have a good laugh while we say things like, “Holy cow! Look at Nathan’s hair!” and “Wow, where did you get those pants?”

In addition to these photo preservation discounts, you can often find discounts on services provided by ShutterFly, SnapFish and other websites that allow you to create books, calendars, cards and other products using your digital photos. Once you’ve got your old photos scanned, what better way to use them than to organize them into a photo album? And the nice thing about these photo albums, is that it’s easy to order multiple copies so that anybody who wants one can have one.

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