When is Work not Really Work?

When is work not really work? When you’re doing something you love. I have had a love of family history and genealogy since I was in high school. Through my adult years I have worked on compiling my ancestors off and on as time and circumstances allowed. Being a wife and mother came first and genealogy research was done in little snatches of time here and there. As the kids grew up and became more independent, more time could be allotted to my love of genealogical research. When I found myself facing divorce and the prospects of providing all my own income, the thought came to me, “Could I really make a living doing genealogical research?” I had heard it was possible. So I decided to venture out into the realm of possibility and see what might happen.

First I enrolled at Brigham Young University in their Bachelor’s program for Family History and Genealogy. The coursework was rigorous and compound that with being twice as old as most of my fellow students and the path was challenging. I managed to make it through having some great experiences along the way which included two internships. One in Boston at the New England Historic Genealogical Society and another touring and researching archives in Spain. (Did I mention that I was fluent in Spanish? I picked it up when our family lived in Chile for almost five years.)

After I graduated I found jobs here and there as a sub-contractor doing research for several companies in Salt Lake City, including ProGenealogists. I had the opportunity to work  with a fun television program called The Generations Project. I also spent some time at the Family History Library as a part-time US/Canada reference consultant. These were all great experiences. Now I find myself working at ProGenealogists , one of the world’s premier research companies.  It’s great to work with a group that loves what they do. Yes I am a confessed genealogy geek. I use the term “working” loosely because how can it really be called work if you’re doing something you love! It feels a little like a dream and so if I am sleeping, please don’t wake me up.

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