You Know You’re a Genealogy Geek When …

  • You’ve been sitting at your computer diligently researching, notice that you’re hungry, and it slowly dawns on you that you haven’t eaten all day.
  • You know that Ahnentahfel is not an Egyptian Pharoah.
  • You don’t travel with just a briefcase or folder back and forth to various research settings, but instead you carry in BOXES of genealogy.
  • As soon as you run out of records going back in time, you start collecting descendants of ancestors … just so you have people to research.
  • You have put an old board across the handrails of your treadmill to put your laptop on so that you can keep researching ancestors while taking a walk.
  • You literally solve genealogical connections in your sleep AND you make yourself wake up just to write down the solution.

And, finally, you know you’re a true genealogy geek when …

  • You fantasize about getting on the TAPS “Ghost Hunters” show just so you can interview a dead ancestor using EVP techniques.

Speaking of “Genealogy Geeks,” our blog was listed on the OnlineUniversities50 Best Blogs for Genealogy Geeks,” this month. Check it out! WTG to our ProGenealogists genealogy geek team and awesome authors! Thank you, Kaitlin of OnlineUniversities, for including us in this list.

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Reader Comments

Awesome job Natalie! I’m going to go find a board now and try the treadmill one! lol. Thanks for the smiles

This was great Natalie, how about the fact I carry my briefcase with my genealogy files no matter where I am going, just in case I need something. Also I love the TAPS thing.

Hey Alanna, it takes some practice to be able to type and walk at the same time, but it is doable – LOL.

I keep thinking I should just scan everything and “go digital,” but, I wouldn’t know how to act without my paper genealogy files. :) Maybe the next generation of genealogy geek won’t be able to go anywhere without his or her iPad!

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