50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites

It’s here! At the recent BYU Computerized Genealogy and Family History Conference, held in conjunction with the NGS Conference in Salt Lake City, we announced the 2010 list of the 50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites. It is now posted on our site for ready reference.

For the third year in a row, we’ve identified the genealogy websites that generate the most traffic, as that seems the best way to measure what are truly the most popular web sites in the growing field of genealogy. Most other lists are personal preferences, but this list was complied with usage statistics from four respected web ranking companies who all measure traffic at websites. Because they measure traffic in different ways, their lists are different, so we took each of their rankings and averaged them for over 300 true genealogy sites.

So, some of your favorites might not be in the top 50. That does not mean they are not great websites, only that they don’t generate as much traffic as others do. Indeed, none of my German websites made the top 50. But, there are some pretty interesting sites on the list, including some you’ve never heard of (I guarantee it!). In fact, there are eight sites that showed up in the top 50 for the first time, including a site launched just last July!

Now it’s feedback time! What do you think of the list? What sites were new to you? Should we post the second 50 sites? What about top 10 lists for subsets, like British, state specific or ethnic sites? Tell us what you’d like to know about popular genealogy websites, just click on “Leave a comment.” And, don’t forget to tell your friends (in person or on Facebook), or write about it on your own blog.

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Thanks for posting this, Kory. And yes, please, I’d like area-specific lists!