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Got Cherokee Ancestry? Part 1

So you think you’re part Native American? As one of the Native American specialists here at ProGenealogists, I receive almost daily inquiries about our services from people who specifically want to trace a Native American ancestor. Perhaps your family tree is also decorated with similar stories. My own family had such a tradition. Supposedly my great-great […]

The Source of Family Myths – The Drunk

Many years back, before I began seriously investigating my ancestors, and then researching those of others, I can remember hearing a story about where we (the Holdens) came from. I was taking care of a niece and nephew one night so that my aunt and uncle could have an evening out. At about 2am they […]

What’s in a Name?

Recently someone posted on Facebook a link to this article about Hispanic names trending down among the Hispanic population in the U.S. Names like William, Mark and Theodore are prefered over Guillermo, Marco and Teodoro. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but then my niece was born just over a week ago and […]

Lo que hay en un nombre

Hace poco alguien publicó en Facebook el enlace a éste articulo que dice que entre la población Hispana de los Estados Unidos los nombres Hispanos están pasando de moda. Ahora es más preferible usar los nombres William, Mark y Theodore en vez de Guillermo, Marco y Teodoro. Me llamó la atención el articulo hace poco más de […]

Archives de Paris

I had the pleasure this month of visiting the Archives de Paris, the public archives of the city of Paris. It is located on boulevard Sérurier near the Porte des Lilas metro station. That metro station is on metro lines 11 and 3bis. During my visit, I was impressed by the records available at the […]

Quite the Death-Defying Trick

Shhhh! I have a secret that I want to share with you. But don’t. tell. anyone. If I’m in a hurry to get a death certificate that isn’t available at the Family History Library, I’ll often order it from This can be difficult sometimes because they ask for a specific date of death in […]

Computer Tricks 3 – Naming Electronic Files

Like most genealogists, I love details. They work for me; meaning, I put them to work! I find, rearrange, and analyze details to help solve some of the most challenging research problems. I also use this affinity for details to get my computer to work for me. I enjoy finding new ways to teach my computer tricks; to make it […]

Prince or Pauper?

Studying our ancestors often throws up surprises. Many of us begin the study of our genealogy with a few stories (usually of the fantastic variety) and perhaps we initially feel a little let down when we reality dawns. However, I feel that reality is often so much more interesting. A case in point is a […]

Family Facts and Fiction

When I was in third grade my class learned about legends. We learned that legends are stories that are made up to explain why something is the way it is. I remember that with this assignment, I wrote a story about why calico cats are three colors. I no longer can remember my legend’s explanation […]

Fires, Strikes and Research

I have been working on a Puerto Rican research problem and came to a point where we needed records from the National Archives in San Juan. We did everything we could to work with the archives in getting them to search the records, but they were not accomodating and would not carry out research requests. […]