Computer Tricks 2 – Put away your flash drive!

Are you a genealogy road warrior and tired of transferring files from one computer to another? Do you do some of your genealogy in your office, at home, and some on your latop in the living room while stretched out on the sofa?

Now you can keep all of your genealogy files and other electronic files in sync between two or more computers without the annoyance of flash drives! Better yet, this tool is FREE! It works for Mac and PC computers and will permit sharing between them.

Believe it or not, this cool tool I’d like to share with you today was created by Microsoft. It is called “Windows Live Sync.” You can find it hereĀ You can find some help with setting this simple application up on your computer in pictures at this blogger’s site

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Guess I am from the “old” school. I love my flash drives, beats the dickens out of CD’s and disc’s for backing up and saving information, not to mention photos. I really prefer to keep my information to myself, not really share so someone can share/distort/destroy or whatever. File storage online is probably great but there are those of us that could get a little testy over bad mouthing flash drives. I love mine, thought I had died and gone to heaven when they came out, I have 5 and hope to get more. So flash drive users, hang tough, at least what you have is in your possession, not someone elses no matter how easy it is to retrieve. Well, truth be known, I will probably love file storage online by this time next year when something bigger and better comes along.

Hi GenBug! The Windows program of which I am speaking in this post does not put your information online. It simply takes a folder on one of your computers and shares it with another one of your computers. So, if you have a console computer in your home study and a laptop computer that you take with you to various places, you can share the contents of a single folder between those two computers. The “Foldershare” program keeps that 1 folder in perfect sync between the two computers. If you change a file on your laptop that is stored in that shared folder … then that very same file is automatically changed in the shared folder on your main console computer. So, “Foldershare” is not an online storage solution … it is a program that synchronizes the data contained in a shared folder between 2 or more computers. This is a handy program for travelers or people with more than one computer :) Natalie